The Complete Turnkey Solution for Well Plug and Abandonment

Through our proprietary platform, P&A Exchange seeks to eliminate the inefficiencies around well abandonment and manages all aspects of the entire process on a turnkey basis, from start to finish.

The Complete Turnkey Solution for Well Plug and Abandonment

Through our proprietary platform, P&A Exchange eliminates the inefficiencies around well abandonment and manages all aspects of the entire process on a turnkey basis, from start to finish.
Downhole Technical Excellence

With nearly 85 years of industry experience and best-in-class service providers, we ensure the highest quality downhole technical execution available.

Health, Safety, and Environmental Focus

Safety is our highest priority. Based on decades of in-field experience, we insist on the highest standards of HSE available in the industry.

Regulatory Engagement & Collaboration

From initial permitting, active engagement with regulatory personnel during job execution through final sign-off, we handle the entire process for our customers.

Financial Transparency and Surety

P&A Exchange provides a turnkey process and real-time visibility into job execution.

TurnKey Solutions

Combining nearly 85 years of experience with our proprietary platform to ensure safety, certainty, and the highest quality execution

Step 1: Create an Account

P&A Exchange takes the majority of the cumbersome work and uncertainty out of well abandonment so that you can focus on your core businesses.

To create a customer account, we collect relevant information about you and your company such as operator name(s), number(s), contact and billing information, etc...

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Step 2: Submit your Well Information

Tell us about the wells you want to plug. With a P&A Exchange account, you will upload the API numbers, wellbore diagrams, legal descriptions, well history, any surface user agreement(s), and other important details to get started.

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Step 3: We Provide You a Turnkey Bid

We combine nearly 85 years of experience with data, technology, and sophisticated pricing models to provide you with a turnkey process for well abandonment that you can rely on.

P&A Exchange also offers equipment salvage and well site remediation & reclamation services on a custom bid basis

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Step 4: Job Execution and Regulatory Filings

Not all plugging jobs are the same, which is why P&A Exchange works alongside prescreened service provider partners to execute any plugging our customers require. From simple, shallow wells to high-pressure, high-temperature wells, we have the right teams with the right equipment to get the work done safely.

Whether it’s the Texas Railroad Commission, Bureau of Indian Affairs, or the EPA, P&A Exchange handles all regulatory paperwork. From initial permitting, through job site communication, and up through the final sign-off, we handle it all: from start to finish.

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Step 5: Methane Emissions Elimination

P&A Exchange is committed to being an ESG industry leader through methane emissions elimination.

We work with our customers dynamically to help facilitate any credit available for the methane emission elimination associated with their wells being plugged through the P&A Exchange platform.

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Our company

Aligned with our customer’s business and ESG objectives

Our goal is to be a trusted partner; working collaboratively with you to better understand and address your Asset Retirement Obligations (“ARO”) and fulfill your ESG objectives.

Value Proposition:
  • Deliver safe, effective well abandonment, and eliminate fugitive methane emissions
  • Manage the uncertainty associated with your ARO balance sheet liability and physical well abandonment execution
  • Redirect valuable human resources

Addressing the backlog of abandoned wells and any associated methane emissions

The Energy Industry and Regulators need an effective solution to efficiently address the millions of inactive and abandoned wells across the U.S., along with any associated fugitive methane emissions. We believe we are the innovative, scalable company that can be part of that solution.
Partner with us to manage the uncertainty associated with your ARO

We work with our customers dynamically to help them more efficiently understand, budget and execute on their ARO exposure. Let us take this off your plate.

Using P&A Exchange allows you to redirect valuable Human Resources

Energy Companies and State Orphan Well programs have thousands of people dedicated to plugging. By utilizing P&A Exchange, organizations can redirect those valuable human resources to focus their efforts on revenue producing activities.

Our expertise

Nearly 85 years of complementary industry experience.  

P&A Exchange was founded based on the idea that a massive problem like the North American plug and abandonment issue, as well the corresponding methane emissions, needed a creative, scalable solution, executed by innovative, passionate professionals.
Matt Hyde
CEO, Co-Founder
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Brad Vanar
President, Co-Founder
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David Eyler
COO, Co-Founder
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Darin Holderness
CFO, Co-Founder
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